Wie trainieren wir Aikido ? | How do we practise Aikido?

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Einführung | Introduction

One starts learning aikido techniques with a partner from the very beginning. This is a very good way to start because in this way human relationship becomes as important as the technique itself. Other martial arts start learning techniques disregarding the human relationship. When one only wants to practise techniques, one practises by oneself or with material. There was a great champion of Judo before the Second World War in Japan who practised Judo techniques against a tree. Many Chinese Kunfu masters practised their techniques against wooden doll or board. Another way of technical practise without human relationship is to practise a technique with a partner who does not react at all. This way one’s partner is acting like a material. In sports one often practises techniques against a partner who resists but then again there is almost no human relationship when one’s partner tries to resist all the time.

Practising techniques without human relationship might make oneself to behave like a weapon or a robot. Unconsciously one considers that one should use a technique to fight just like a man who uses a gun to fight or a government who uses the army or secret service to win a war. If one applies a material weapon on human life, this material weapon determines the destiny of human beings. This will lead to the destruction of humanity and human lives. The way of aikido practise maintains the humanity as basis of the world.

– Doshu (K. Yoshigasaki)